Why We Started Unity Recovery

Recovery is a reality for over 22 million Americans with past substance use concerns, over 40 million in mental health recovery, and countless more millions across the globe. We truly believe that recovery is individual, dynamic, and ultimately, best directed by the individual with support from their community. With this philosophy in mind, Unity Recovery was founded to be an inclusive recovery community organization and drop-in center for everyone.

  • Vision: We envision a world where recovery is no longer hidden in the shadows and the millions of Americans with mental health and substance use disorders are celebrated and supported.
  • Mission: To provide inclusive community-based recovery support services and education for all individuals in or seeking recovery.
We are guided by a core set of principles and beliefs that inform everything we do:
  • Recovery is a dynamic process in which the individual is the expert in their own lives
  • All pathways, programs, and modalities of recovery are valuable and legitimate
  • Individuals who use substances or live with severe and persistent mental illness are worthy, loved, and deserve dignity
  • Saving lives is always #1; you can’t recover if you are no longer living
  • Harm reduction is both a pathway and program of recovery, as well as a life saving set of services
  • The community is the best source of information in addressing substance use, mental health, and other quality of life concerns
  • Stigma, bias, and discrimination have no place in recovery
  • Tough love approaches to initiating recovery dehumanize and harm individuals living with substance use or mental health disorders
  • The ability to pay should not impact the availability of quality recovery support services
Meet Our Staff
Brent Canode
Board Member
Harm Reduction  Initiatives Coordinator
What People Say About Us

Unity is a valuable addition to the array of recovery support services in the City of Philadelphia. Their inclusion of harm reduction services addresses a critical need while raising awareness of intersectionality in the recovery community.

Adam SleddCommunity Member

Every community needs a center like Unity; it helped our family find the support we needed and I don't know where we would be if it wasn't available!

Melisa SimmonsParent

The staff and peers at UR RCC are always welcoming and supportive. Whether it is to drop in and get narcan or to talk about my day, I always feel like I'm at home. Thanks for everything!

Larry CastroCommunity Member
Recovery Thrives in Philadelphia
Philadelphia is home to one of the most vibrant and diverse recovery communities in the United States. At Unity, we partner with the entire community to bring comprehensive community-based recovery supports to those that need them – from recovery meetings, peer recovery specialists, education and vocational training.
Recovery Community by the Numbers
Harm Reduction / Moderation15%
Medication to support recovery18%
Co-occurring disorders70%
Amazing people with purpose100%