What We Do
Recovery should be accessible to anyone at anytime. We never charge a single fee for any individual who wants recovery supports.

We offer non-clinical, peer-based recovery support services to individuals, family members, and loved ones. Recovery support services focus on increasing recovery capital through achieving goals related to things such as employment, education, financial health, personal safety, relationships, and more.

Our peer recovery support specialists facilitate individual, group, and family recovery supports at our community centers, via telerecovery (video, phone, and chat0, and out in the community.
  • Our recovery community centers offer recovery meetings and activities for all pathways and programs of recovery – over 50 events every month including recovery yoga and meditation.
  • We also leverage digital technology to offer individual recovery support services via video chat and telephone for those who cannot make it to the centers.
  • Individuals and family members can access recovery support services focused on education, housing, employment, health, and advocacy at any time.
  • We partner with community organizations to provide training and education services designed to promote recovery-friendly policies and spaces everywhere!
Services can be scheduled via phone, filling out this form, or by dropping in to any of our community centers any time we are open. Let today be the day you say yes to recovery.
Recovery Supports

We provide non-clinical, peer-based recovery support services for individuals, family members and loved ones, and our partner organizations. 


We train individuals in recovery to find their voice and advocate for recovery-informed policy in Pennsylvania, Texas, and throughout the US.


We offer a range of educational activities for partner organizations and community members wanting to enhance their programs and services.

Harm Reduction

We also provide several harm reduction services, like naloxone distribution & prevention training, to help our communities keep their loved ones safe.

Individual Recovery Support Services
We take a non-clinical, recovery management and support approach to individual recovery support services. In partnership with our staff of peer recovery support specialists, you will work to develop your own recovery plan that fits your personal recovery goals. Plans focus on education, housing, employment, and health with short and long-term goals that you identify in partnership with your peer.
Community and Support
We host over 50 recovery activities and meetings every month at the Unity Recovery community centers in Philadelphia (PA), Pittsburgh (PA), and Weatherford (TX), and many more in the surrounding community! Supporting all pathways to recovery isn’t just a slogan either, we offer All Recovery, SMART Recovery, Refuge Recovery, AA/NA/MARA 12-step mutual aid, SHE RECOVERS, Harm Reduction Support, Family Recovery, and Families of Loss Support, recovery meetings every month. No matter your pathway, you’ll find support at Unity.
Fun in Recovery
Having fun in recovery is critical to living the life you want, and not everything we do is a direct support service! We value finding your passion and having a good time, and offer a variety of events every month to this end. From recovery-centric yoga practice at the center with Unity Yoga, bowling and move nights, and recovery kickball and softball leagues, you’ll be filling your day with great hobbies in no time!
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How We Help
Individual Support
Our individual services focus on the key domains of housing, employment, education, and health. We focus on working with you on your recovery plan to improve recovery capital over time.
Social Activities
We help you find some time to relax and recharge each week. From outdoor adventures to recovery yoga downstairs in our studio, we assist in helping each person find their passion.
Group Activities
Recovery is an individual & community experience. We provide opportunities to engage in fellowship and grow your recovery network with amazing individuals across the city and country.
Harm Reduction
To help support all pathways and programs of recovery, as well as reduce needless loss of life, we provide harm reduction services for all members of our community.
Family Support
Loved ones are key to recovery. We offer support for families, caregivers, and loved ones so they can learn more about recovery or experience the grief process in a supportive environment.
Training & Education
Not everyone knows how to reduce stigma or how to support their loved ones. Our training programs help address these key issues to make sure we are all recovery-informed!
Community Outreach
Creating recovery ready communities is one of our primary goals. We outreach every day to help create supports across Philadelphia so that your recovery is supported no matter where you are.
Warm Handoffs
We are successful because we value the resources and services in our community. We may not offer everything you need, but we will make sure you know where and how to find it!
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