Allegheny County Regional Recovery Hub | Training and Technical Assistance Center

The Allegheny County Regional Recovery Hub (ACRRH) Training and Technical Assistance Center is a PA DDAP funded project managed by Unity Recovery. With a primary goal of increasing the knowledge and capacity of recovery support services throughout Allegheny County, the ACRRH provides free recovery support service training and technical assistance to all requesting stakeholders.

Help us guide the ACRRH by providing critical community feedback on needs and priorities throughout the year
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John Fabiseski

Project Director

Aubree Schulte

Project Supervisor

Jenni Bloodworth

TTA Specialist

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Priority Focus Areas
Recovery Community Organizations
Recovery Support Integration
Community-based Harm Reduction
Recovery Residences
Peer Workforce Development
Recovery Science & Evaluation

In addition to the priority areas identified above, we offer training and technical assistance in the following domains:

  • General Recovery Support Service Delivery
  • Digital Recovery Support Services
  • Virtual Recovery Support Services
  • Overdose Prevention and Response
  • Xylazine (Tranq) Overview and Care Delivery
  • General Harm Reduction Services
  • Wound Care Services
  • Drug Checking Services
  • Syringe Service Programs
  • Recovery Friendly Workplaces
  • Stigma, Discrimination, and Language
  • Family Support Services
  • Recovery Outcomes Data and Analytics
  • RecoveryLink Use and Best Practices
  • RSS Cost Analysis
  • RSS Integration
  • Peer Supervision
  • Peer Workforce Development
  • Re-entry or Forensic Peer Services
  • Pregnant and Postpartum Peer Services
  • Recovery Planning / WRAP Planning
  • Community Outreach Best Practices
  • Community Needs Assessment and Mapping
  • Recovery Housing
  • RCO and Peer Service History and Models
  • RCO Administration and Leadership
  • Recovery Science and Research
commUNITY Engagement
Community Advisory Board

The Unity Regional Recovery Hub community advisory board meets bi-annually to inform the ongoing recovery support services needs assessment, our training and technical assistance priority areas, and the impact of the hub in our local community. Advisory board members are paid a stipend for their participation at each meeting and for the benefit of their lived and living experience to the hub.

Subject Matter Expert Trainers

In addition to our internal RRH team of trainers and subject matter experts, we work with professionals and community members around the country to facilitate training and technical assistance requests. Do you have specialty expertise in our priority training domains above? Then we want to hear from you! Please submit your interest in becoming a RRH subject matter expert trainer.

RSS Learning Collaboratives

As part of the ongoing efforts of the Regional Recovery Hub, we convene a learning collaborative monthly on a range of rotating topics specific to recovery support services. Content is delivered in-person, digitally, and virtually. This free learning opportunity is available to any professional and community member across the United States and can be joined using the button below.

Annual Needs Assessment

Each year, the regional recovery hub team works to complete an Allegheny County recovery support service needs assessment. This assessment focuses on evaluating and mapping recovery support services available as part of the county ecosystem, the prevalence of recovery amongst community members, and identifying priorities, opportunities, and gaps within our training and technical assistance infrastructure. We accept rolling feedback from community members on priority areas which can be submitted using the button below.

RSS Remote Work Policy
Remote Work Policy Template for Recovery Community Organization
Recovery Plan Template
Simple recovery plan template for peer support providers
SMART Goals Worksheet
A helpful worksheet for creating SMART goals in recovery planning
Remote Peer Supervision Guidelines
Guidelines for the remote supervision of peer specialists
Telerecovery Guidelines and Best Practices
Procedure and best practices guide for the delivery of telerecovery engagements
Substance Use, Recovery, and Wellness in the United States
A useful infographic detailing substance use, recovery, and wellness prevalence in the United States