About the Recovery is… Campaign

Recovery is many things, and for 22 million Americans it is their daily reality. At it’s core, Recovery is…humanity. Join us in celebrating the recovery communities differences, similarities, and existence in our 2020 campaign. Together, we can let the world know that recovery is the expectation.


Recovery Facts
  • Recovery from behavioral health disorders is a probable outcome
  • An estimated 60% of those in recovery from substance use are completely abstinent, while ~40% are not.
  • Recovery often includes reconnecting with passions such as art, music, and the community.
  • Recovery is not linear or time limited, it is a dynamic process occurring at the individual level
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Learn More About Recovery
Recovery science and research is a growing field that has shown us what recovery is and looks like across the world. Check out the Recovery Research Institute and the Journal of Recovery Science to learn more!
Recovery in the United States
Americans in Recovery9%
Those in abstinence-based recovery60%
States with a recovery oriented system of care35%
Individuals that can recover given the right resources and support100%